New Moon Visions Place Branding and Marketing
Honored to Visit your Community

New Moon is available for speaking engagements! We have given various seminars on place branding and marketing downtown districts for the Michigan Downtown Association, the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, the Michigan Local Government Management Association, Central Michigan University, and the California Main Street Alliance. The New Moon Visions team is fortunate enough to include a wide-range of expertise in several marketing, branding, and public relations-related areas:

Community Branding & Marketing: Working with downtowns and communities is a highly specialized sector of the marketing field. Learn how your community could benefit from a branding and marketing campaign, or discover how the fun and challenge of community marketing differs from commercial marketing.

Traditional vs. Non-Traditional PR: The world of public relations is changing! Learn techniques to maximize the impact of both traditional PR and non-traditional PR, such a social media, by leveraging them off each other! Uncovering Your Brand: What is branding, and how does one come up with a brand? Learn how an effective branding process doesn’t involve “inventing” anything, but rather uncovers the true brand that already exists for every community, business, organization, event or product.

Your Marketing Plan – As Special as You Are: There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all marketing plan. Learn what it is you must first learn about who you are and your message in order to make your marketing efforts go the farthest.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate!: Whether your focus is on internal, external communications, or both, you are now competing with thousands of others who are trying to get their messages to your audience at the exact same time. Learn tips for effective communications with employees, customers, clients, constituents – or whoever your audience may be – and how your communications methods should be as customized as the message itself. We love to share our expertise, meet new people and visit new communities. Our presentations are as informal and interactive as they are informative! Please contact New Moon Visions at 248-214-4491 for rates and availability.

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