Vista Village California, A Main Street Community

This genuine small town, nestled in the rolling hills of northern San Diego County California, is situated just far enough inland from the coast of the Pacific that it boasts the best climate in the country. The refreshing ocean breezes and sunshine could be one of the reasons why people are so happy here, not to mention the beautiful views- no wonder they named it Vista!

It’s an intimate, welcoming place with down to earth, easy going charm that you can enjoy just being yourself. This welcoming spirit is the foundation that draws new residents and entrepreneurs alike, creating a delightful mix of unique businesses and place to be a part of it all.

The eclectic blend of historic and modern ambience sets the stage for all ages. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show… whether it’s in the theaters, events, or in restaurants, and shops, or splashing around at the wave park, you’ll feel right at home. Get caught up in the character of this eclectic town, and its’ people. You might even entertain the thought of staying for years to come.

Research showed us that in addition to the ideal climate, the main draw for Vista was the arts and entertainment. The identity portrays  iconic theaters in the historic and new districts as well as relaxed mountain view. When the brand was initially introduced on the organization’s social media, it was so well received, that it went viral.